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Chase Pecan
Crain Walnut Shelling
Dole Packaged Foods
Pineapple: Aseptic, Frozen, and Canned. Chunks, Crushed, Tidbits, and Concentrate. IQF Fruits
Graceland Fruit
Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Soft-N-Frozen™
Franklin Baker Coconut
Coconut: Tender Fresh (Sweetened) Flake, Macaroon, Toasted, Creamed, and Coconut
IFC Solutions
Specializing in blending of FDA approved ingredients in liquid, paste and powder formats, with an expertise in Colorants, Food Anti-Stick Products, and Specialty Lecithins.
Jimbo's Jumbos
Peanuts and Peanut Butter
Kansas Protein Foods
Textured Vegetable Protein. Flavored and Unflavored
Soy Sauce (Liquid and Dehydrated), Natural Flavor Enhancers, Teriyaki Sauce, and Other Asian Sauces
McCain Foods USA / Jon-Lin
World Leader in Potatoes.
Milne MicroDried
Milne MicroDried® ingredients are 100% all-natural, high quality dried fruit and vegetables.
Cooking Wines, Distilled Spirits, Vinegar, Wine Reductions
Musco Family Olive Company
Olives: Black Olives Including IQF Black Olives, Green Olives, Burgundy Olives
National Raisin Company (So. Cal. Only)
Raisins, Raisin Paste, Raisin Juice Concentrate
Northwest Naturals
Specialty Fruit Juice Concentrates, Organic Concentrates, and Fruit Juice WONFs (With Other Natural Flavors)
O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative, Inc.
Evaporated Milk
Olam Cocoa
Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter
Sensient Natural Ingredients (So. Cal. Only)
Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, Paprika, Chili Pepper, Chili Powder, Complete Line of Dehydrated Vegetables, Including Vacuum-Puffed Carrots
Sun Butter
Sunflower Butter
SunnyGem Almond (So. Cal Only)
Almonds: Complete Line of Whole and Blanched/Natural Manufactured Almonds
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate from California
Sweetener Supply
Honey, Molasses
Tree Top (So. Cal. Only)
Apples: Evaporated and Low Moisture: Powder, Fiber, Concentrate. Apple and Pear Juice Concentrates
Valley Fig Growers
Figs: Black Mission, Calimyrna, Kadota, Fig Juice Concentrate, Paste
Westin Foods
Bacon bits: Cured and Uncured
Hazelnuts: Whole, Diced, Paste, and Butter. Almond Praline Butter, Crocanti Almendra
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