You already know Tree Top as the world's largest producer of shelf stable and frozen concentrate apple juice, but Tree Top is also a leading processor of dried, fresh chilled, and frozen apple ingredients, as well as apple, pear, and specialty juice concentrates.

With controlled atmosphere storage we can preserve and process fresh apples year-round. Tree Top's Ingredient Division is unrivaled in its ability to produce a variety of innovative and versatile fruit ingredients with applications in many major food categories such as cereal, cookies, pies, and snacks. Tree Top processes its apples, pears, and other fruits to the highest food safety and quality standards. Apples are inspected, washed, peeled, cored, sorted, trimmed, and cut into desired shapes and sizes prior to final processing. Some are immediately chilled and refrigerated for fresh use. Others, including cherries, are frozen, either by solid pack or individual quick freezing, which offers free-flowing versatility.

The bulk of Tree Top's apple ingredients are "air dried", which retains the apples flavor and natural wholesomeness. This process removes water from the apples, which reduces shipping and warehouse costs.

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Dadant & Company represents a variety of products from Tree Top.

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