A traditional ingredient in certain foodstuffs, there is now virtually no area of the food and drink industry which does not use starch or its derivatives. Roquette produces an exceptionally wide range, all carefully tailored to the preparation of specific products, from babyfoods and beer to delicatessen and ice cream. One of the most significant developments is Hydrogenated Glucose Syrup LYCASIN®, a patented group of maltitol syrups whose non-cariogenic (anti-cavity) properties make them an ideal sugarless alternative to traditional sweeteners in a host of products.

Speciality food starches form another important group of products. Helping to stabilize or control texture to a precise degree, they bring benefits to a wide range of prepared high-quality products such as sauces and soups in bottles or cans and pasta, dehydrated or frozen foods, baked goods, etc. As a long-standing supplier of maltodextrins to the makers of flavourings, Roquette has taken a step forward with Beta-cyclodextrin, a bio-derivative of starch, to help protect flavour by "encapsulation". It is a substance which also offers valuable functions to the food industry in general.

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