For over half a century, Allfresh Food Products has been known for high quality shortenings and margarines that give your baked goods that old world flavor that everyone loves.  Allfresh also offers high quality pastry shortenings and margarines for cakes, icing, bread, cookies, and fried products.

Flake Mor™
Flake Mor™ is made of the finest domestic vegetable oils.  Crystallized on a chilled roll and well-tempered before packaging to give superior workability.  Flake Mor™ is Trans-Fat Free.

Deluxe All Blend™
Deluxe All Blend™ butter blends are pure vegetable Danish Roll-In blended with butter to give the ultimate in quality.  Careful pasteurization and blending with water-churned Roll-In make a homogenous workable product that has the full flavor of butter.

Allfresh products featured by Dadant & Company include:

  • Flake Mor™ Zero Gram Trans-Fat Puff Paste Shortening
  • Deluxe All Blend™ 25% Shortening
  • Danish All Blend Shortening

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Dadant & Company represents a variety of products from Allfresh Food Products.

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